Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sorry I've Been Gone For a While!

As many of you know, I was set to become a college student this year... Well, as you might have guessed, my blogging absence has been due to my getting ready and becoming situated here at Murray State in Kentucky! I need to start reading blogs again to get some inspiration going, but I will say a few things that I hope to touch upon in the future:

  • Why do we assume that people always mean the worst when something is said to us? Is this just a fat person thing? For that matter, is it only me?
  • I love Kashi. Healthy food on a mission to make you healthy, not neccessarily thin? Woot! That's at least the message I get from commercials. More to come!
  • The south... More accepting of t3h fat?

I hope to blog regularly again soon! Thanks for comments all :D


Ruth said...

Hi! I'm glad you're back. I'd been reading for awhile now and was wondering where you were.

I'm in Southeast Missouri and I've visited Murray State a few times on high school trips. It's a really nice place - I hope you have a good time there.

Take care!

The Thin Size Activist- Equality on the plains... said...

Good luck with college: I hope you do very well, and progress smoothly. I've been running slow myself with my blogs now that I've started classes again too, but I'm pretty sure everyone is ok with you doing you, especially since it's for post secondary education. ^_^
Here's my next blogs:
-I'm really late on the obesity is socially contagious thing, but I'm going to dedicate three posts to three articles of which I consider to be "Validation tools" for fat hatred. They are: The article above, the article that states that fat hatred is innate, and the article that says it is socially acceptable to be overweight in the US. Asshattery: I know. They can pump out so much crap, and now they think they can make their hatred somehow valid.

-I have to talk about dieting as well. People seem to automatically think that being in the Size Acceptance movement means I'm anti-diet from the get go. I need to touch on why I'm selective in my thoughts on it.

-Maybe I can talk about my moral panic theorization on t3h fat. :p

M said...

Good luck at school!

Anonymous said...

Totally personal and anecdotal here...having lived on both coasts and the South, I'd say the South is more tolerant of Teh Fat. The doctors I visted in the south never blinked at my weight but when I moved to the "progressive" West Coast my weight became more of an issue. But, YMMV. People have different experiences.

CresceNet said...

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bbwdating said...

I am new to the blog and enjoy it. Wish you good luck in school

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the gym a lot. I lost perhaps 50-70lbs (just by exercising all the time, no crazy dieting.) And after 8 or 9 months the regulars at the gym noticed I lost weight and they would say things like "Oh my God, you look so great. I see you here all the time, keep up the good work." or "I just wanna say that seeing you here inspires me to work out harder. Keep up the good work." I hear "Oh my God, you used to be so disgusting. Thank God you came to your senses and decided to loose all that awful fat. Keep up the good work." or "Wow, seeing your dedication to get rid of that disgusting person you used to be inspires me to make sure I'll never ever be as disgusting as you used to be. Keep up the good work."
They think they're being helpful, but because they've never been as big as I have, they have no idea how complicated these feelings can be or how hurtful those comments seem...It's not just you.

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