Saturday, July 28, 2007

Having Fat Friends Make You Fat-Thank goodness it isn't too late! >_>

Wow. I honestly have nothing better to say that sums up how this press release (links to Sandy's article about said press release) makes me feel. Sandy Szwarc said it best, that it's "nothing more than thinly veiled hate speech." But to think that so many news outlets picked up on this almost immediately scares me half to death. Why? I'm going off to college next month, and if some people are scared enough into believing this, I'm afraid it will make me a social leper even if I overcome my slight social anxiety.

I probably sound a tad selfish here, but I guess it's all right because this blog is supposed to be about a college-age fat chick. I suppose there isn't much to worry about, using the same excuse my mom would use for my ramblings at a young age of "If I wasn't fat, I'd be soooo popular...", that I shouldn't be friends with someone who would be mean enough to judge me by my size anyways. But you know what? A lot of normally nice, health conscious individuals who believe that authority is always correct (hah, I wouldn't want to befriend someone like that either!), may read this and think, "Dang, now I'm going to become fat by hanging around fatties! I guess my 'health' is more important..." and they'll drop their fat friends and not think twice.

I believe that this is where the main problem lies... People now have the perfect thing to rely on while making judgments against fat people, and why they don't like them: "I don't want to be fat! The best way to be thin is to hate fatties! That's what I get from this article... Lose some weight and then we'll talk!" And you know what? No one will question it. If someone waves that article in your face, you might just believe that they have a legit excuse to dislike you. But always remember that no one has a legitimate excuse to dislike you for your size. And if someone thinks they do? Then they're not worth being around, because they'll only bring you down. Accept yourself for who you are, and don't accept others into your life unless they will grant your body the same respect you've given it.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Hi. Just discovered your blog through Shapely Prose, and have been working my way through the archives.

Interesting stuff, I hope your absence from blogging is just temporary!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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