Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not Always Funny is more like it...

So lately I've become a big fan of the website Not Always Right. I've been going through the archives as I do when I find a site of that nature to be amusing, and have been laughing my arse off at a majority of the stories about idiotic customers and what the employees did or said in order to get the customer back for their stupidity. Today, however, I came across a post which I found to be incredibly infuriating.

First off, I'm used to seeing customers getting what they deserve on NAR. But this? She was simply wondering why her order wasn't there yet. And, although most likely the "untold number of X's" were probably only like, 3 or something, it could be a woman that genuinely could not get out very often or maybe she can't even find underwear in her size at a store. Her being upset about the order not arriving yet seems completely justified. In addition to that, the added "customer did not have a sense of humor 'cause he got fired" bit is just ridiculous. I happen to have the ability to find almost everything funny. But framing a "joke" like this in the context of the customer "not being right," especially when there's a good chance that she can't just go anywhere and get panties, just seems incredibly rude and unfunny. If anything, saying something like that looks like he's trying to blame HER for him getting fired, when he was the one who made the entirely too unfunny joke. And the fact that this got 636 thumbs up means to me that there are 636 people who feel that the fat woman was in the wrong here. 636 people who feel that she got what she deserved, and that David is one funny man. 636 people who don't realize that the woman reporting his rude comment to the higher ups was perfectly justified because, as far as we know, she may feel safest in an online shopping environment where she can't be stared at or ridiculed for her size. Or so she thought.

Comments are not only appreciated, they're encouraged ^_^ I'm really enjoying reading everyone else's opinions on the things that I post. If you haven't yet read or commented on it, please look at the post before this one about the late professor who thinks only fatties are virgins and all virgins are fat, and the guy who finds the quote hilarious.

Friday, August 22, 2008

All Fatties Are Virgins...

First I would like to thank those of you who responded to my post asking for your opinion on the Rockwell painting. I enjoyed reading your responses and found myself seeing every point of view. That's what I love about art; it means so much to so many different people. Whereas it meant one thing to me, some of you mentioned other things I had not yet noticed or considered. I may consider turning this into more of a photo blog, whenever I feel like posting. I've been recently diagnosed with something that makes me on and off hate my size once again (you can take a guess, but I'm not sure if I'm even comfortable admitting yes or no on here. I don't even really want to talk about it just yet, at least not in a public setting such as a blog where I can easily be set off, as I'm incredibly depressed about it.). In addition to that, I've returned to my university, where I'm going to be pretty damn busy, what with two high level German classes and other things. I've been seeing some things around I want to take pictures of so we can discuss though, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

And now, I present, the real reason for my posting... A quote I found on someone's Facebook, said by a professor. A professor who died last year, so for pointing out this quote I feel somewhat bad, but at the very least we can wonder why someone would quote THIS on their facebook.

If there are as many as 72 virgins at Murray St, they weigh about 20 tons. -Dr. Beasley
That is a direct copy paste from the facebook profile, so apologies at the poor layout. But let's think about what this quote implies for a moment...
  1. It implies that, on average, all virgins at my university weigh 555 pounds.
  2. This then implies that fat people are incapable of finding sex, because they're sooo disgusting. Or something.
  3. Whether he's talking about men or women is irrelevant, although the location of this University (the south) coupled with my inner feminist makes me believe that he's talking about women. Either way, though, this implies that everyone is constantly looking for sex, or, at the very least, no one wants to remain a virgin.
  4. It implies that the ONLY reason why someone would remain a virgin is because they CAN'T find sex due to being too fat.
Uhhhm, WHAT? Not to mention that the guy who quoted Dr. Beasley also quoted him saying something about Rosie O'Donnell being a "fat lesbian." While this would technically be truth, the fact that ANYONE found it quote-worthy is beyond me. But the very idea that someone, a professor with a DOCTORATE, would say something implying that fat=virgin, is rather sad and sickening. I simply can't believe that someone like that once taught on this campus, and that I am in a class with someone who thinks it's SOOO HILARIOUS that this professor said that ALL FATTIES ARE VIRGINS 'CAUSE THEY WEIGH UPWARDS OF 500 POUNDS LOLOLOL. Ahem.

Your thoughts?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Girl in a Mirror

I came across this painting for the first time recently. I feel very strong emotions when I view it, and I would like to hear all of your opinions on this painting. Any and all please :)

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