Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Attention Plus Size Stores: I love my body and wish to convey that thought through my clothing choices; please create clothing accordingly.

I often rant to myself while browsing plus size shops online or in person... Most of the clothing seems to be cut in such a way that it's clearly trying to cover you up instead of making you look better. Or, another pet peeve, clothing marked as "tummy shaper! Hides your unflattering spots!" or "special blah blah blah hides your disgusting flab and makes you look attractive to the rest of society!" etc. So, when I became interested in a style/theme that required me to find a lot of not so easily found clothing items, I was concerned that I would be unable to find anything to work. (The style is called Steampunk. Click the word for the Wikipedia article!) Partially due to the fact that suddenly vests are in style, and partially due to the fact that I am one kickass shopper, I was able to complete a few pretty awesome outfits! Unfortunately for my boyfriend, whose pantsize is around a 44x32, we've been having a difficult time finding good clothing for him to wear. If anyone has any suggestions for some awesome plus size guy clothing, we'd really appreciate it!

The plan is to begin blogging again soon, and not just like I said before. This time it's FOR SERIOUS :O And we all know that the internet is serious business.

And now, pictures of me in my outfit and a list of where I got the stuff for those of you who feel so inclined to know!

Goggles: Antique welding goggles from an antique store
Necklace: Claire's boutique
Tank top: Torrid
Vest: Freestyle Revolution brand at Torrid
Bottoms: Same brand, same place.



Vest: Thrift store <3
Shirt: Newport News/Spiegel
Bag: Thrift store, again :3
Leg warmers: (kinda tight for my fat calves XD) goodgoth.com
Skirt: Torrid


Shirt: Goodgoth.com
Vest: Goodgoth.com
Skirt: Same as before; Torrid



Noddles said...

OMG! Totally cute!

Spiderine said...

Hi! I love your outfit. The waistcoat is really sweet!

However, can I just point out that I am 44 years old (not a mother) and there's no way I'd dress in any of the usual frumpy, dowdy clothes that you're talking about? Not all of us 44 year olds are style-challenged. And one day you'll be 44 years old too, you know. Can I please make a respectful request that you, in the future, think twice before you use unintended "ageist" phrases like that? Thanks.

littlem said...

Totes cute. You wear vests like I remember my mom wearing. (She was -- still is, really -- one of the hippest moms in town.) You look like you're auditioning for the new Hellboy movie that all the hip kids will watch.

P.S. I would consider Spiderine's advice. 30+ (even 29!) will come sooner than you think.

Mindy said...

Funny I look at the clothes in stores and think " ugh! too much polyester and why do they think everyone wants to show their butt crack?" Age doesn't really work into it.

Steam punk for both of you look at western stores, the western look is actually rather Victorian and more of it is made in larger sizes. Take it and over dye it or add grommets or studs in patterns and such and you can get a pretty good steam punk look going.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Spiderine here. I'm a 38 year old mother of three, and I adore the clothing at goodgoth.com.

I think that, as you get closer to our age, you'll discover that many of us are equally dissatisfied with our clothing options and that you don't outgrow or age out of the desire for style.

Brigid Keely said...

You are -so beautiful-! I love your sense of style and lust after your goggles. I've been looking for a pair for 15 years now.

Ashley said...

Thank you all so much for your awesome comments and advice :3 I hope those of you who were offended or, at least, irked by my title choice will submit pics for my fabulous forties friday as mentioned in my most recent and very apologetic post :3


xxla ^__^

Spiderine said...

No offense taken at all! When I was 19 (oh gawds, you know you're old when you post things that start "when I was your age...") it was far more likely that women 40 and up would dress in that hideous fashion. *shudder* Not only that, there were no alternatives available. Thank heavens that now we have places that recognize that a woman doesn't lose her style sense when she gains weight and/or age. The choices out there these days may be few and far between, but at least there are choices now!

Now I have to go see whether I have a good photo of me in a corset and Cenobite skirt. *grin*

P.S. As I said before, your outfit is GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

As someone on the verge of 40, thank you for changing the title of this post and for being a decent person who apologizes. Ageism is as bad as fatism. I do my best with what I can find to look stylish, not frumpy even though I am no longer 18.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!

And thank you for introducing me to steampunk as a fashion and subculture. I knew of steampunk literature and comics, but not the rest. Very cool.


Salina said...

Wow!! You have so cute plus size dresses!! Great!!

nicole. said...

oh, steampunk
my secret lover!

haha ive always loved steampunk fashion, but have been too afraid to wear it.so kudos too you! for being brave enough to try it and pull it off. :D

also, if i ever see you on the street with those goggles or bag, i will steal them. mwahahahaha >:]

seriously though, great job.

Calfy said...

I'd never heard of steampunk! I love it. Growing up I loved reading Jules Verne and HG Wells :-)

I tend to dress quite 40s and 50s (I don't know if you like the style, but if you wanted to treat yourself to a nice 40s or 50s style dress, www.bigbeautifulbarbarabrown.com has a very highly recommended make-to-measure service for all sizes) but I like the Victorian and Edwardian spin too. The shirt you're wearing is awesome!

I hope you don't mind me plundering your blog! You have some great things to say :)

Anonymous said...

ok....i just wanna say this before i talk about your style. ok people that are 29+, just because your old dont mean that people cant say that that age group clothes are pretty fugly. im just saying. :)

But i totally love your style! i love thrift stores too! there amazing.lol well keep being original and amazing. ;P

Paula said...

Hey there! I love what you have chosen for your Steampunk!
I am a plus size girl too, and I love the Steampunk style, however I haven't been trying to obtain items for it until recently since I got out of high school a year ago. I don't know how you feel about corsets that much, but I tell you they are made for women with real curves! Try www.damseldress.com
She does custom corsets, and I am sure you could get one, but with mens clothes, I can't help you much. I would just say keep looking in thrift stores(as you clearly haven been taking advantage of that option well^_^), and maybe www.etsy.com for custom things.

Anonymous said...

Nice article as for me. I'd like to read more concerning that theme.
By the way look at the design I've made myself Young escorts

KAS said...

Hi there!
I'm new to the world of steampunk and am also a plus-sized woman. I think I'm becoming an addict, though .. Whew.
Thanks for showing the world that bigger women can still have fun with something like this. Hey, can you do me a favor and email me at skiefangor [@] gmail.com and we can chat it up a bit about finding decent plus-size steampunk ware? I'd appreciate it!

Anonymous said...


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Cara Rowen said...

Okay, so I love a lot of the clothes you own, and am also a bigger girl. I'm glad you're happy with the way you are. You fucking rock!

But I feel like, a couple of the vest you should have bought a size larger. =/ Just imho. If they were corsets, then they would fit differently. Especially real steel boned corsets, which aren't at all like the cheap shit ones they have at Torrid.

Either way, I like your steamy style you sassy lady, much love <3

plus size clothing said...

You look so fabulous!
There are really shops that get some wrong with plus size measures. I also find it hard to find one fashionable clothing for me too. I've come across an online shop and I suggest you visit it too. It's Volupture.

MizzMechanique said...

Hey I love your style and I think its great. I'm a big girl size 24 and I am heavily involved with the steampunk community where I am and have a really hard time finding clothing that looks decent and is made well. If you're ever looking for awesome steampunk accessories I have a steampunk jewelry company all pieces are hand made by me www.mizzmechanique.etsy.com

Nikki Benz said...

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