Monday, November 24, 2008

mini-post monday

I doubt that this will be a recurring theme, but I felt like making a post to update those of you who seem to enjoy reading about the lives of others (I know I do, 'cause I'm nosy like that). Today my boyfriend and I are celebrating our one year anniversary! It's incredibly exciting. I'll spare you all the cheesy lines about how happy I am, yadda yadda, and leave it at the fact that I am quite happy about it.

On topic with the blog, I would like to remind everyone first off of the posts to come:

  • Certainly my boyfriend will have a post sooner rather than later, since he did so well on his first post
  • The post in defense of feeders and feedees, dedicated to my friend, AKA Spencer. If you read the comments, most likely you will have seen his name by now.
  • CHANGE! I wanted to write this post when the title and reoccurring theme would have been more relevant, but alas, I'll just have to accompany this post with a picture of Slowpoke. The change will be related to the changes I've incurred over the past year, and some other important changes.
Bear with me in the coming months, as I will be undergoing one transition after another as I attend another school in the Spring semester, and hopefully yet another school for the coming Fall semester. More on that in the change post.

And last but not least, I would like to thank Sociological Images for linking to my post after I suggested that they cover Risk's manification. Please go here to see their post regarding Risk, or go here to simply view their awesome photoblog.

Now, because I'm curious... Here's a poll that I would love some responses to!



Spencer said...

Hmm. It's difficult to decide. I voted "Fat politics", but ideally I'd like more fat feminism instead of having to choose between the two. After all the issues have plenty of overlap.

Meli said...

I personally think id be nice to see you post again on anything!

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