Friday, August 22, 2008

All Fatties Are Virgins...

First I would like to thank those of you who responded to my post asking for your opinion on the Rockwell painting. I enjoyed reading your responses and found myself seeing every point of view. That's what I love about art; it means so much to so many different people. Whereas it meant one thing to me, some of you mentioned other things I had not yet noticed or considered. I may consider turning this into more of a photo blog, whenever I feel like posting. I've been recently diagnosed with something that makes me on and off hate my size once again (you can take a guess, but I'm not sure if I'm even comfortable admitting yes or no on here. I don't even really want to talk about it just yet, at least not in a public setting such as a blog where I can easily be set off, as I'm incredibly depressed about it.). In addition to that, I've returned to my university, where I'm going to be pretty damn busy, what with two high level German classes and other things. I've been seeing some things around I want to take pictures of so we can discuss though, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

And now, I present, the real reason for my posting... A quote I found on someone's Facebook, said by a professor. A professor who died last year, so for pointing out this quote I feel somewhat bad, but at the very least we can wonder why someone would quote THIS on their facebook.

If there are as many as 72 virgins at Murray St, they weigh about 20 tons. -Dr. Beasley
That is a direct copy paste from the facebook profile, so apologies at the poor layout. But let's think about what this quote implies for a moment...
  1. It implies that, on average, all virgins at my university weigh 555 pounds.
  2. This then implies that fat people are incapable of finding sex, because they're sooo disgusting. Or something.
  3. Whether he's talking about men or women is irrelevant, although the location of this University (the south) coupled with my inner feminist makes me believe that he's talking about women. Either way, though, this implies that everyone is constantly looking for sex, or, at the very least, no one wants to remain a virgin.
  4. It implies that the ONLY reason why someone would remain a virgin is because they CAN'T find sex due to being too fat.
Uhhhm, WHAT? Not to mention that the guy who quoted Dr. Beasley also quoted him saying something about Rosie O'Donnell being a "fat lesbian." While this would technically be truth, the fact that ANYONE found it quote-worthy is beyond me. But the very idea that someone, a professor with a DOCTORATE, would say something implying that fat=virgin, is rather sad and sickening. I simply can't believe that someone like that once taught on this campus, and that I am in a class with someone who thinks it's SOOO HILARIOUS that this professor said that ALL FATTIES ARE VIRGINS 'CAUSE THEY WEIGH UPWARDS OF 500 POUNDS LOLOLOL. Ahem.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Casting aside the obvious brain-splitting idea that fat people are sex-starved freaks of nature (bang head here), can someone explain to me WHY being a virgin is a bad thing?

Why do people care about a hypothetical stranger's sexual status? That's just creepy, gross, inappropriate and no one's business.

It reminds me of those intrusive people who ask me if I'm done having kids (or "joke" about how close in age my children are). What, exactly, do these people want to know? "Oh, yes, our sex lives are QUITE ACTIVE these days, since we are trying for another kid. Baby dancin' aaaalll night long."

Ain't nothing wrong with virginity.
Ain't nothing to do with weight or attractiveness.
Ain't none of anyone's business. Period.

/late-night soapbox rant

(sorry bout that!)

Des! said...

I think this stereotype is what has pushed a lot of my larger girl friends to throw themselves into sexual situations way before they were ready for them; they didn't want to be the "horrible fat virgin". Later on they regretted their decisions.

It's sad that people who are supposed to be educated spew this kind of hurtful stuff around.

nuckingfutz said...

It's the old adage of: "Nobody would want to fuck you, because you're OMG FAT!!!11!!!eleventy-one!!"

Which is rarely, if ever, true.

It DOES disgust me that somebody who obviously spent a lot of time getting an education was still so downright stupid. You'd think it would be the opposite.

Just goes to show ya, stupidity knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

As someone getting a phD, let me tell you, there are no personality screens in higher education.

If you think that educated people must be particularly enlightened, let me tell you that graduate programs can be simmering beds of misogyny and racial (and other)resentment(s) seething under a very PC surface.

This is not to say that everyone is like this - I do personally know scholars working diligently to explode all kinds of privilege, but just because we 'ought' to know better by virtue of long schooling, sometimes (sadly) that's just not the case.

Calfy said...


I have a fat friend who felt it necessary to sleep with ten people by the age of 15 to refute this stereotype. I'm not condemning her but I think there are better reasons to have sex than feeling pressured by stupid mentalities like this.

Also I am definitely a virgin for reasons other than my weight!

It's a shame there aren't personality screenings in education! There were certainly a few bullying primary school teachers I could have done without!

Couldn't we get Noami Wolf and Inga Muscio and Simone de Beauvoir into the teacher-training syllabus before they were allowed near the impressionable minds of young girls? OR boys.

Anonymous said...

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