Friday, June 22, 2007

Important Question about Sizes and Such!

Here I am, pondering...

So I'm going to be going to Six Flags soon, more than likely, and I need some quick advice from some of you.. I've been Googling this to no avail, and I need a quick question answered: Am I too fat to ride the rides? If I am too fat to ride at least some, which ones can I ride?

Here is the pertinent information:
I'm 5'10" and 250 pounds
My measurements are 48"-42"-51"

Any help from you out there would be greatly appreciated ^__^ I don't want to wait in line only to be turned away and humiliated... ^^;

Thanks and I promise I have a list of interesting topics to blog about... All I need to do is kick this mini-depression in the arse, and find time to finish my mini-list of other stuff to do XD



Kate Harding said...

I don't know for sure, but I just saw this question come up at Fatshionista recently. If you scroll through the last couple of weeks (no small task, I know), you might be able to find an answer.

Katie said...

I'm not sure of my measurements (I wear a size 20 from Old Navy, if that helps), but I go to the Six Flags in NJ several times every summer, I've been on every roller coaster, and I've never had a problem fitting into the seats. Some of the seats are a little snug around my thighs, but not so much that I can't go on the ride.

I don't know about the Six Flags you go to, but most of the roller coasters at the NJ park have test seats that you can sit in before you decide whether or not to get in line.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

juxtaposed said...

I'm gonna venture to say you will be fine, I have a friend who is a large lady and we have gone to the amusement park and she had no problems, and I actually think at the time she WAS about the size you are. If you have any doubts, check the park's website or give them a call, they may be able to help you.

t3h BK said...

You'll be fine. You're not that big. It might be a little snug, but what isn't at our size? lol

Rodrigo said...
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Anonymous said...

ive been on many a roller coaster and never had any problem, and im bigger than you. Ive only once been in line to ride one and been turned down. A worker told me very discreetly to try out one of the test seats before i stood in line much longer, and i was glad i did. the belt was about an inch too short. Anyways, like i said, im bigger than you too, so you should be fine./

purplegirl said...

So this is in no way connected to your actual post, but I had to laugh because I have the EXACT Lane Bryant shirt you're wearing in that picture! :)

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